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Find the spelling for most words (40,000), such as
"bat", "antagonize", "tonsillectomy" or "pneumonia"
in 3 Clicks.

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Bonus Features

                 Single Syllable Words                                            Matrix for adding: s er ing ed            

           Condensed Version of                                        Vowel Matrix for Multi-syllable words
Single Syllable Words                                                                                                   


Special Spellings for Ending Sounds                  Matrixes  for adding Common Suffixes                                                                                                                                                                             

5 Finger Syllables:  Tips for chunking unknown words.

Find state and nation spellings in one click - First Sound

Game with 100 most misspelled words.                                            Football game.


                Steps to finding the spelling of a word in 3 clicks.g>

Say the word you want to spell - Listen for the Very First and Very Last sounds.
Click #1 - Click on the picture for the Very First sound or the Very Last sound.
Click #2 - Click on the picture for the Very Last sound or the Very First sound.
Click #3 - Click on the number for the Syllable Count.
Find the word by searching each Level (1 = Most Frequent  10 = Least Frequent)

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