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Caution:  When downloading, always save the file and scan the files immediately. 

You may also save the files with your own names to allow tailoring to individuals, groups or grade levels.  Once downloaded, you may also copy them to other workstations.

I will try to keep the latest three major versions (as shown by the date).  Subsequent minor versions will have a lower case (a-z) indicator. 

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Lesson Planner

Version 07-27-08a

Version 05-01-07  

Version 08-01-06



Excel 2003

Allow macros when opening.

Allows you to randomly create worksheets for 53 sequenced lessons as well as allowing you to create your own wordlists/worksheets.

Includes Excel's Text to Speech function.

Includes flashcard format with Text to Speech.

Includes suffixes and vocabulary development - will need to populate, but examples for Lessons 1 - 3 are provided.  Includes Text to Speech.


Version 07-25-2008a

Excel 2003

Allow macros when opening.

Provides 28 columns of words for specific syllabication rules.  Many are prepopulated, but also allows you to create your own wordlists.

Also provides the ability to add vocabulary for each word and uses Excel's Text to Speech.


Interactive Spelling Tool

Adobe Acrobat Reader This is an interactive PDF spelling tool for over 3,250 single syllable words.  It is organized by major vowel category (short, long, R Controlled and diphthong) and then by rime sounds.  In addition, it provides a morphing tool to correctly add inflectional suffixes (s/es, er/or, ing and ed). It may also be used when spelling approximately 1,000 two syllable compound words, such as airport and grapefruit.

Version  07-27-08a

Excel 2003

No macros

This workbook provides 2,377 single syllable words that are phonetically based.  It is used for pattern analysis.

It includes tabs that show the various vowel patterns for spelling.  That is, it shows a probability matrix of "what you hear" and "what you see". 

However, by using the Excel filters, you can filter your own targeted skills and create wordlists that can be copied into Lesson Planner or other tools of your choice.


Version 9-21-2007a

Version 01-01-2011

PowerPoint 2003

Example Storage Container

This tool allows you to display or print the dominoes that are used for manipulative activities. 

The green color coding represents initial consonant sounds. 

The yellow color coding represents the vowel rule and sounds.

The red color coding represents the final consonant sounds.

Note:  The 01-01-2001 version has been redesigned for ease of making your dominoes.  In addition, they have been resized to fit into nail and screw organizers, such as the Plano Stow 'N Go, found at many hardware or home improvement stores.  Cut a few and take a sample to the store to check out the container size.

Phonics Chart and Word Wall PowerPoint 2003 Title page shows four types of vocabulary: speaking; listening; reading; writing.  Each of the major rules (pancake, waffle) has a word list for each vowel sound.  Also includes rules and word wall for words with two syllables.

Version 07-27-08a


PowerPoint 2003 Consolidates the images for each lesson's consonant sounds into four groupings per page for cost effective printing.
Vowel Decision and Skill Analysis

Version 07-27-08a.ppt

PowerPoint 2003 Slide #1 illustrates the decision on the vowel rule and provides probabilities.

Slide #2 illustrates various sub-skills in a hierarchical order.

Synthetic and Analytic Phonics

Version 07-27-08a.ppt

PowerPoint 2003 Illustrates the difference between synthetic and analytic phonics. 
Charts and Goal Setting

Version 02-10-09a.xls

Excel 2003 Provides a template and data sheets for 12 students.  Also charts data in a normal chart as well as logarithmic for easy comparison.  Just assign names to placeholders, name the tabs and enter data for sight words, sound blending, letter sounds and letter names.  Charting is done automatically. 

You may copy/save the worksheet to change the column names and chart names to meet you own needs.

Math Bonus - Math Facts

Version 07-28-08a.xls

Excel 2003

Enable Macros when opening.

Provides worksheets/answer key for four math functions.  Also includes interactive flashcards for hte four math functions.
Math Bonus - Number line

Version 05-25-2005.xls

Excel 2003

Enable Macros when opening.

Tab #1 provides a counting chart from 1 - 200. 

Tab #2 uses interactive color coding showing addition of blocks.

Tab #3 uses interactive color coding showing subtraction of blocks.

Math Bonus - Adding Fractions - Finding Common Denominator

Version 05-25-2005.xls

Excel 2003

Enable Macros when opening.

Tab #1 - provides Pie Chart examples of various fractions.

Tab #2 - Illustrates step by step the Six Steps to adding fractions with different denominators.

Tab #3 provides a worksheet with multiple problems and answer sheet.  F9 randomizes new problems.  You can control if numerator is 1 or any number (denominator - 1).

RTI - Final Protocol August 2008 Word 2003 This is a protocol used by Fieldcrest School District for a research study.  The PowerPoint results are linked on the home page.