Sight Words - Cold Cereal      

What Sight words are words that the student should recognize automatically.  My Breakfast Reading Program presents 200 sight words.

The first 110 sight words are from a compilation of the three common most frequent word lists (Dolch, Fry and American Heritage).  The words had to be on all three lists to be included in My Breakfast Reading Program's sight words.   

The remaining 90 words are grouped by families, such as colors (red, green, etc...), numbers (one, two, etc...), relationships (father, mother) and people (I, me, she, you)

WhyWithout automatic recognition of frequently used words, the student will not be able to read at a steady and fluent rate.  The goal is to see and say a word in less than one second.

The ability to comprehend written material decreases if analysis and/or hesitation for each word is slow.

How:  Repetition, repetition, repetition.  My Breakfast Reading Program uses the sight word method