About TTS - Text To Speech

TTS or Text To Speech allows the computer to read selected text to you.  The quality of TTS depends on what voice files you have on your computer.  Microsoft Mary and Microsoft Sam are standard on Microsoft XP computers.  Microsoft Anna is standard on Microsoft Vista computers. 

To use the interactive activities in My Breakfast Reading Program, you will need to download/install a TTS application.  The good news is, most TTS applications are free.  Some of the TTS applications come with free voices. 

You can also purchase voices to provide better quality.  The good news is that purchased voices will work with most, if not all, of the TTS applications.

Recommendations for TTS in My Breakfast Reading Program:

Following are screen shot settings for TTSReader from SpheNet needed to integrate with My Breakfast Reading Program.

Step 1:  From the main menu, select the Clipboard and the voice you want to use (a list of standard, free downloads and/or purchased voices that you have installed will display).

Step 2:  From the Tools menu, select Watch Clipboard.  In the My Breakfast Reading Program activities using TTS, when you click on a word or to hear the word, it will copy the text (word, phrase, sentence) to the clipboard.  Make sure the Checkmark appears for it to be active.


Step 3:  From the options menu, select the Start reading immediately option and uncheck the Ignore irrelevant clipboard updates.