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30 Second Preview

Provides a brief description for the food analogies and overview of types of instructional videos.

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Three Minute Preview
Single Syllable Words

Provides a more detailed overview of the food analogies, why the program is free and discusses why it is scientifically based.

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Sight word demonstrations:  Link
Letter name demonstrations:  Link
Consonant sounds demonstration:  Link
Vowel sounds:  Link   Note fox has replaced dog for the short o sound.  This format would be used in I Say/You Say with a coach and student.
Vowel Rules and sound blending:  Link
Using Dominoes for vowel rules and sound blending:  Link
Example of 30 second training for site words:  Link
Pronunciation Examples:  Note - these video clips are still in prototype mode, but should be very helpful until they are finalized.  Link