Name:   Wksht #2      
  all said said be there  
  be all this are but  
  had have are all said  
  be have but all we  
  this all we but be  
  had said we be we  
  have we there we there  
  are this be be we  
  this had there be there  
  there said there are said  
  but all we this we  
  there had said this but  
  said had we there be  
  said are all are have  
  all there be this are  
  we there have there we  
  had are had all said  
  there this had be but  
  but all there all be  
  all there have said there  
Copyright 2003 - 2005 by Dick Briggs  All Rights Reserved Dolch/Fry/American Heritage Sight Words 3