Name:   Wksht #4 Score:    
  pod bat it let pod  
  but bet led lad it  
  bad bud led let lad  
  pat bud bid lid pet  
  bat pad bit pad pad  
  pod led pet bit bet  
  bit pot bet bud led  
  pod bid pet bet pat  
  lit let pet pad pad  
  bid bit bed bed pad  
  let lot pod lot pit  
  at bed it lit lad  
  bet but it pet lot  
  putt bit pad pot lit  
  pat pit lot pot bud  
  bud bit it bat led  
  it lit lit bat pet  
  led pat putt let pod  
  it it lad pit bed  
  bad pot let lot bat  
  Copyright 2006 by Dick Briggs -  My Breakfast Reading Program
Permission to Print and Copy for Home or Classroom
Single Initial and Final Consonants - Short Vowels 1