Name:   Wksht #2 Score:    
  it it her they they  
  his it of that to  
  was of for his her  
  to was her for was  
  to of to that they  
  of for his was was  
  his his that of her  
  of that for to to  
  that of of they his  
  for their their her they  
  for to their her they  
  to his their their it  
  her that of it it  
  to for that to was  
  of they their his it  
  her was was his it  
  their his for his of  
  they their they of that  
  it they to to they  
  for they their for to  
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Sight Words:  Dolch - American Heritage - Fry and Numbers, Colors, Contractions 2