The Pig - 5c



What is that?

A big red pig?

A red pig cannot be!

It cannot be a big red pig.

But that is one red pig for me!


It cannot be!

Two pigs are there.

Two red pigs cannot be!

There are two red pigs.

One for you.

And one red pig for me.

But two red pigs cannot be!


That pig is a pug.

It is a big pug pig.

A red pug pig for me!

What is a big red pug pig?

What can a red pig be?



But that cannot be!

A pug pig cannot be red.

But my pig is a pug pig.

And my pig is red.

Two pug pigs are red.

One pug pig for you.

And one pug pig for me.

But two red pug pigs cannot be!