The Digging Dog - 12a


I have a dog.


He is black and white.


He digs. He digs a lot. 


First he dug there.


Then he dug over here.


I know he likes to dig.



There is my dog! 


 Come! Come! Come here!


 My dog comes to me. 



Do you like my dog?

Just come dog!  Come! 


Just come here dog! 


Over here!  Come over here dog!


I know my dog will come to me. 



I tell my dog to come. 


I tell my dog to come first. 


Then my dog can dig.


I know he will come. 


Then he can dig.


Just come dog.  First come.  Then dig!



Which dog dug that?


My dog has been over there.  He dug and dug.


My dog just dug that?


I know he dug over there!



He likes to dig very well. 


I tell him to come but he just digs!


I tell him to come but he likes to dig so very well!



I say come first dog.  Then dig here!


But, he dug there.  He just dug there!



Which dog did this?


My dog did.  It was my dog that did this. 


He has been digging.


He digs very well!