A Loss? - 13f


It is a loss? Is it a loss for me?


I can not see it!


It is not here!


Will it be a loss for me?



It was just there!


Can you see? Do you see?


I made it for my mom!


This can not be! What a loss for me!



Who will look?


Who will look for it too?


Who will look for what I made?


Who? Who? Who? Who?


I am here. Iím here.  I will see.


Iíll find what you made just for me!









It was mom.  She said, it will be all right.


I will look and see what you made just for me.



Iíll look.  You will see! No loss for you.


I am looking!   Iím looking too.


It is there! Over there! 


No loss. No loss for me?


It is there! Right there do you see? Do you see?



I see what you made! Mom said to me.


It is right over there can you see?


Just come and see!


No loss for you, which is no loss for me!