Name:   Wksht #4 Score:    
  lot lug fin fit log  
  fad fill fun fit fell  
  fun jog jug jot fog  
  fig fog fun fill fat  
  fin fun fan fan fad  
  jog fell fad fad lot  
  fig fog fan fig jog  
  fat fan fat jot lug  
  lit fun jug lug lit  
  jot lull fan lug lot  
  jog log fan loss fad  
  loss fig fad lit fad  
  log lit lug fat log  
  fill fad fin lit lit  
  fog fit jug loss fun  
  jot fun jog fell fell  
  fed fill loss jug fat  
  fat fin fad lull fan  
  lot fan jog log fit  
  loss fed fell log lot  
  Copyright 2006 by Dick Briggs -  My Breakfast Reading Program
Permission to Print and Copy for Home or Classroom
Single Initial and Final Consonants - Short Vowels 13