The Rag - 14a


I have a rag.


I've got a red rag for that. 


Do you have a rag?


Shes got one and hes got one. 


Do you have one?



Use this rag for that. 


Find a new rag for over there.


Use it around that.


Ive got one to use around this. 


Did she find a new rag too? 


Shes got a rag from over there?


Which rag?  Which rag did she use?





Look!  I think we did it all.   

What?  We only did just  this? 


We have to do that too?


We have to do it all? 


Did you think it was just this? 


I was thinking it was only around that.


Do you think we have to do it all? 


Will you find out? 


Will you find out if we have to do it all around there? 


We do.  We have to do it all.