Rob's Black Lab -15a

“Rob went with us to see grandpa and grandma!” Deb said. 


“They have many new black lab pups.” Deb said.


 “I think there are nine new ones and Rob likes one!”


“Could I take a little lab pup with me?” Rob said to grandma.   


Grandma said he could.



“Now Rob has a new lab pup!” said grandpa.  


“He has not had a pup before!”

It goes “ruff ruff!” said Rob.


“I’d like one too. Only I’d like a brown lab, not black lab”.


 “All the labs are black” Grandma said. 

Rob likes his black lab very much.  I do too! 


Rob said “Here Biff” “Here Biff”.


The little black lab pup came to him!


“Come Biff” he said.


Biff came to Rob!  Little Biff said, “Ruff Ruff!"


“Ruff Ruff Ruff!” Biff said.






Grandma and grandpa have many lab pups.   

I think he’ll like his black lab pup very very much.  


Biff the black lab pup!  He is good.


Would you like a black lab pup too? Deb said.


“I know Pat wants a black lab too” Sis said.


“She’d like to take only one. 


But her dad said she’d have to be ten.” Sis said.


“Pat has to be ten before she can have a new pup?” Deb said.


“That is right.” Sis said. 


“I do not think she’d take a new lab pup before then” Sis said.


“Her dad does not think it would be good for her right now.”  Sis said.


“They think she is too little for a lab pup right now”, Sis said.


“She’d like a new little lab pup when she is ten!” Sis said.


 “That would be very good”.  Deb said.