I Like to Work - 16a



I like to help.  I am not too little to do it.

I like to work too.  I am good at it.

I like to help my grandma and grandpa.


I work for them and it is fun.


Itís fun to be with them. 




They have a lot for me to work on.


I like to fix it all up for them.  


I am a good helper.




I put it all in a box. 


I fix it all and then they pack it all up. 


Then we put it in boxes over there.





They like my work. 


I work and work! 


I like to help as much as I can.  


They like me to help.




I was too little to do much work before.


Now I am much older. 


I am old now that I am six.





They said I am good at it and it helps them. 


Iíll help them when I am seven or eight too. 


I like to work and help.


I like being a worker and a helper.