Max Helps - 16b



“How will I fix my hut?”


“Who could I find to do this?” Mr. Fox said. 


“How will I fix it?”


“She’ll work for you."


"She’d fix the hut for you Mr. Fox,” I said. 


“Who?” he said.

“Who could do it?”




“My friend Max could help you,” I said.


“She will help.   She'll fix it with mud."


“She’ll work and help us get it all fixed.” 


“She is a good friend,” I said.




“That box is what we use to mix up mud,” Mr. Fox said.


“She will mix it up in that box." 


"Then where should she put it?”  I asked






“She could put it by these boxes,” Mr. Fox said.


“Will Max take long to mix it and fix it?”  asked Mr. Fox.




"It will not take much work,” I said. 


“And it will not take too long.”


“I think she’ll get it all mixed first."


"Then she’ll put it in that box." 


"Then it will be fixed!” I said.




"She’ll do it just to help us?" asked Mr. Fox. 


“She likes to just help her friends,” I said.


“She is a good friend to me.”


“She works just to help."


"It will all be good as new with Max’s help."


"Good as new for you Mr. Fox,”  I said to him.


“I like Max,” said Mr. Fox.