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  put it is it's it'll she will  
  help she will she'll she will help  
  work she'll it is it will she will  
  help it will help she will it is  
  it's it'll it will help it is  
  it's put old work old  
  old help it is she'll it's  
  she'll it is old it's she will  
  old put help she'll put  
  help old work it is it's  
  she will help it will it'll it will  
  help put help she will work  
  it is it will it's it'll she'll  
  put work it's it is she'll  
  she will put put it will old  
  she'll it's it will she will it's  
  put it'll it'll work it's  
  she will work help it's it is  
  old she will it'll she'll help  
  old it will it will it is work  
  Copyright 2006 by Dick Briggs -  My Breakfast Reading Program
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Sight Words:  Dolch - American Heritage - Fry and Numbers, Colors, Contractions 16