Red Beets - 17a



“A load of red beets just came in on that boat!" 


“Boy! Do they look good!” the man said.


“Who will eat some red beets?" 


 "Who will eat them first?” the man said.


“Who’ll do it?  Who’s the one?”  he asked.


“I will."    "I’ll be the first to eat the beets!”


"I'll beat my friends to the boat."


"I will run to the boat".


The man looked


A very little boy had said that.




“I will take a bite of those red beets!" the little boy said.   


"Red beets are good!  I like them."


"I will bite into one of those beets now!” the little boy said. 


The little boy bit into a red beet!


“These beets are good!”



"Where did they come from?"


"When did they come in?"  asked the little boy. 


“The load of beets came in on that boat." 


"The yellow boat over there." 


"They just came in now!”  The man said.




“How did you beat me to the boat?”  a friend asked. 


"I ran to the boat."  "You did not run to the boat!"


“I will eat some too!”  said the friend.


“I’ll eat the red beets that came on the yellow boat!”




“I will too!" a little girl said.   


“I’ll take a bite of beets too!” the little girl said.


"Who’ll do it?"  The man looked around to find who said that. 


“I’ll eat beets!” The little girl said.