Who Will Lead? - 17c



Who’ll lead me?


What will I do if I can not find help?


I can not be late!


Where will I find some one to help me? 


Where can I find the leaders?




Who’ll help me get there? 


Who’ll lead me get there before it is too late?


Where should I go to find some one to help some one old like me? 


I have to have help.


“May we help you?” a boy and girl said. 




What do you get paid? 


Have I paid you to help me before?


Can you lead?


I can not be late!  



I would like you to lead me there now.


You will be paid well for this help! 




“No,” the boy and girl said. 


“We will lead you but we will not be paid.”


What? Why not be paid? 


Why not be paid for this help? 


You like to do it? 


You just like to help? 


You are good to lead me.


I am old and have to have help. 


I have to have some one lead. 


You are good leaders.


You helped me get there before it was too late.


You will be leaders who will help many friends.