I Like to Hike - 18a



“Would you like to go on a hike?” Mike asked.


“Who me? Where?"


"I like to hike!”  I said.


“You would go on a hike with me then?” Mike asked. 


“You’d go up to the top of the hill over there?"




“Will it take long to get there?”  I asked. 


“I’d like to go on a hike but it can not take too long.”


“You’ll go with me if it does not take long?” Mike asked.


“I’ll go with you but you’ll have to lead,” I said.


“You know where to go.  You’ll make a good leader,"  I said.


“But what if it rains?” I asked.


“If it rains on the hike we will come back down the hill,” Mike said. 


You’ll get wet and you’ll not like the hike,”  Mike said.


“You’d be too wet to like a hike when it rains.”  




“I hope it does not rain then,” I said. 


“You’d be right. I would not like it if it rains on me.”


“First you’ll have to have a bite to eat.  You have to eat before we go,” Mike said. 


“You’ll need a bite to eat too,” I said. 


“You’d have to eat well to make it to the top of the hill.  You and I have to eat well first to hike to the top!” I said.




“I like to eat before I hike,” Mike said.  “You are right!”. 


“I will go and make us a bite to eat and then you and I will go on a hike!” I said. 


“I do not think it will rain,” Mike said. “You’ll like this hike!”


“You’d be right!”  I said.