I Have to Rake! - 18b


“Why do you mope?”  Mom asked when she looked at me. 


“Dad said I have to rake,”  I said. 


“Then he said Mike and I have to take the rakes to grandma and grandpa’s and rake there too.”


“Have hope,” said Mom.  "But, do not mope!"


“Why?” I asked


“I do not think it will take you long to rake!” Mom said. 


“And grandma and grandpa will like your help”. 


“You and Mike are good workers” 


“And you'll be paid to rake.” Mom added.


“Why would we be paid?" I asked.


"Grandma and grandpa help us too.  They help us a lot," Mike said.


"Mike and I  will help grandma and grandpa," I said. 


"We will not be paid," Mike and I said.



“ I hope it will be fun for you and Mike,” Mom said. 



“That is good and right,” Mom said. 


“To work for your grandma and grandpa and not be paid is good,”  Mom said. 


“It is good to be your mom”.  


“You and Mike are good to your mom and dad.  You are good to your grandma and grandpa.”    


“You and Mike are good workers. 

You and Mike are good helpers.”


“I will not mope,” I said. 


“I think Mike and I will like to rake.  We could rake them all into a heap.”


"That will be fun!”




"You'd make a big heap if you rake them all," said mom.


"You'll have a rope and a rake to help make a big heap," said mom.


"We can make one main heap."


"Then we could make two little heaps".


"We will make one big main heap and two little heaps," said Mike.