The Big Rope - 18c


Mike could see a man with a big rope. 


“Where do you work?”  Mike asked.


“I work on Main,” the man with the rope said.


“What do you do?”  Mike asked.


“ I make ropes.”    “I make ropes for men who work up there!” 


Mike looked up.  He could see the men up there with big ropes




“They work up there?”  


“May I work up there too?” Mike asked.


“I would like to have a big rope of mine.  I would like to go to work up there too.”




"Do not moan!  Have hope,” said the man. 


“When you are big you may work up there.”


"You could be paid to work with the rope I make," said the man.


“You could have a big rope and go up there and work!” the man said.


"I would like to have a rope of mine and work up there!” 


“I would take a rope of mine and work up there and get paid!”