Toad - 19a



Pam and Mike are good friends.


Pam and Jan are good friends.


They're all good friends.




Pam put a toad on his seat! 


It made him very mad!


I would not like that!


Then Pam put a toad in her bag!


That made her mad too!


I think they are very mad now.


Just think!  Toads!




What should they do?


This will not be good!


That痴 all!  This値l be bad!






They will not be friends for long!


First he値l be mad.  Then, she値l be mad. 


Then, he値l be sad and she値l be sad!


They will be very sad when they are not friends. 


It will not be long before that!




I do not think that they should use toads when they are mad!


That does not help!


What do you think? 


Would you put a toad on his seat? 


Or, put a toad in her bag?


 I think that is bad.