The Seeds - 19c



“I’ll give you my seeds,”  the good man said.


“What would you like to be paid?” I said.


“I would like to be paid what you think I should be paid,”  the man said.


"I have to go,” said the good man.   


“The tide is up.  I use a boat when the tide is up to go.” 


“You can use these seeds with your friends."  "


I will be paid when you can do it,” the good man said. 


"I think I can be paid then."


“I need to see that you are paid now,” I said.


“Do not go,” I said to the good man.


“No,” said the man.  “I have to go now when the tide is up.”


“I have to get on my boat.”






“That man gave me seeds to use."


But, he was not paid.


I think that man is a good man. 


"I like a man who helps his friends,”  I said. 




“Yes,” my friend said. 


“He was a very good man to help you.”


“I think he is a friend to all of us."  

“You will see that he is paid when you can do it?”  my friend asked.  


I know you are a good friend too. 


“These seeds will be for all of us,”  I said. 


"These seeds will feed us all.”


“They are good seeds and they will see that we are fed."