Weep - 20a



“This week is a sad one,” I said.


“Why?” Mom asked.


“I cannot find my cat. I just can’t find her,”  I said.   


“She went in that cave right there!”


“Didn’t you look for her around there?  Look around there!”  Mom said.


“No! I did not think of that!  I didn’t look around there!”


“Don’t give up!” Mom said.  “You could look for her around there!"


"Do not give up.  You may find her around there!” 


"This week may not be a sad week after all!”


“I won’t give up!”  I said.  “I cannot give up but I think I may weep!”


“You must wipe your face and cope,” Mom said.


“I do not cope well when I cannot find my cat!" I said.  


"But I will wipe my face first and then look.  I will wipe my face and then look for my cat around there.”  




“But what if she is in that cave?  I cannot weep and weep!” 


“I cannot give up now.  I will have to cope,” I think!


“Don’t weep now!”  Mom said. 


"I think I see her!  “She didn’t go into that cave after all!” 


“What?” I said.  “But I didn’t see her go around that way!”  I said. 


“This week was not sad after all,”  Mom said. 


“You don’t need to weep.  It is not a sad week!" Mom said.



“But I didn’t cope well!”  I said.  “I just had to weep!”


“You just like that cat very much."


"And you were sad!"


"But you didn’t give up and we did find her!”  


"I think you cope well when you are sad.  You did not give up," mom said.


"You didn’t give up which was good for that cat,"  Mom said.