The Leader - 21a



“I cannot do that,” I said.


“Why?” he asked me.


“I can’t,” I said. 


“I cannot and I won’t,” I said.  


“It is late,” I said.  “I can't get home late .”




“He asked me to go somewhere I could not go,” I said to my mom and dad. 


“You did not go there?”  they asked.


“No.”  “I did not do it,” I said. 


“I could not do it." "You have said I couldn't go there!” 


“I just came home. I  couldn't be late.” 

"Good!  You shouldn't go there!" said mom and dad.


“That was good,” they said. 


“We didn’t think you would let him lead you.” 


“Five kids went with him,” I said. 


“They lied to their moms and dads and then all five went with him.”


"They shouldn't have lied!" I said.




“I'd be sad if you lied like they did,” my mom said. 


“You would not let them lead you,” my dad said. 


“That means you are a leader”.


“I am a leader?” I asked


“You will be leading many,” he said.