The Stray Cat That Came to Stay - 24a



"I live on a farm," said Mike.

"I do not have any pets." 

But, I do have two hens that lay eggs," said Mike.

"The hens lays six eggs a day."

 "That will fill a tray in a day," said Pat.

"But the hens don't like to play," said Mike.

"The hens don't make good pets," said Mike!

One day a gray cat came to the farm.

"Does the cat like to play?" asked Pat.

"The gray cat does like to play," said Mike.



The cat was a stray cat. 

"I hope the stray cat will stay," said Mike.

"Then you will have a pet," said Pat.  "A gray cat!"

"Can the gray cat play with the hens?" asked Pat.

"No, no, no!!!" said Mike.  "The stray cat can't play with the hens."

"That would be mean.  The cat can't play with the hens," said Mike.

 "If the stray cat can stay for one day", can it be mine?" asked Mike.

"No, the cat has to stay for five days," said Pat.

"In five days, I can say I have a pet cat?" asked Mike!

"Yes, you may," said Pat!