A Sleigh Ride in the Snow - 29a



"Hey, look at all the snow," said Brad.

"It would be a lot of fun to play in the snow," said Fran.

"I'll go ask my grandpa.  He has a sleigh and a horse," said Brad.

"A sleigh ride?  That would be fun," said Fran.

"Can I drive the sleigh?" asked Fran.

"No, grandpa will have to drive the sleigh," said Brad.

"The sleigh has a big brake to make it stop," said Brad.

"The brake is too big for you and me," said Brad.





"Hey, look at that big horse," said Fran.

"How much does that horse weigh?" asked Fran. 

"The horse weighs a lot," said Brad.

"Can the horse and sleigh cross the creek?" asked Fran.

"I don't think so.  The horse weighs too much," said Brad.

"And the sleigh weighs too much," said Fran.

"Neigh, neigh, neigh," said the horse.

"The horse said he can't cross the creek," said Brad.

"The sleigh ride will have to stay on the road," said grandpa.