A Hike on the Trail - 30a



"Would you like to take a hike?" asked Grace.

"We can hike down the trail," said Tray. 

"We can hike by the creek," said Grace.

"No, we can hike to the stream.  The stream is a big creek," said Tray.

"Where is the stream?" asked Grace.

"Look, see the big tree.  The big dead tree," said Tray.

"I see the big dead tree," said Grace.

"We can hike to the dead tree.  Then we can see the big stream," said Tray.

"What can we eat on the hike?" asked Tray.





"We can take bread and jam," said Grace.

"Way to use your head," said Tray.

"I like bread and jam," said Tray.

"Can you lead us down the trail?" asked Grace.

"I can lead us down the trail," said Tray.

"Look, I see a pipe.  A lead pipe.  A big lead pipe," said Grace.

"Where is the big lead pipe?" asked Tray.

"The lead pipe is by the dead tree," said Grace.

"Can we eat our bread and jam?" asked Tray.

"We can sit by the dead tree and eat.  We can eat our bread and jam," said Grace.