A Trip to the Cliff - 31a


"Class, would you like to take a trip to a cliff?" asked Miss Black.

"Yes!" said the class.  "We want to go see the cliff."

"First, we have to say the pledge to the flag," said Miss Black.

"Then we can take the trip to the cliff."

"Blain, can you lead the class?" asked Miss Black. 

"Yes, I will lead the class to the cliff," said Blain.

"Grace, can you take the flag?" asked Miss Black.  "But, you have to keep it clean."

"I will keep the flag clean," said Grace.

The class went up the trail to the cliff.

"Blain, don't get to close to the edge," said Miss Black.

"I am on the ledge, but not on the edge," said Blain.

"Can you grab the hedge?  You are to close to the edge," said Grace.

"Blain, don't blame me if you fall," said Grace.

"I won't blame you if I fall," said Blain.

Blain did grab the hedge so he wouldn't fall.  He cut his hand when he did grab the hedge.

"I cut my hand and it is going to bleed," said Blain. 

"Keep the cut clean," said Miss Black. 

"Class, we need to go back," said Miss Black.

When the class got back, Miss Black asked Blain about his hand.

"Blain, how is your hand," asked Miss Black. 

"It is OK, but it bled a lot," said Blain.  "But, I did keep it clean."