A Not So Plain Plane Ride - 32a


"Bob and I got to take a plane ride," said Blain.

But, it wasn't just a plain plane ride.

First, we had to had to skate to the field.

We had to skate for only a brief time.

But Bob did slam into the plane before he got on.  He broke one of his skates.

"This is going to be a long trip!" said Bob.

"We have to use the globe to plan our trip," I said.

Next, it was time to eat. 

First, they gave us a glass of OJ.  "That was a good glass of OJ," said Bob.

Next, they gave us a plain white plate.  Then they put a plum on it.

Then they made me slice it.  "Not one, not two, but three times," I said. 

I ate the plum.  It slid down OK.

Now, it was time to sleep.

A thief sat down by me.  "How did he get on the plane?" Bob asked.

"Good grief!"  "I will not get much sleep."

Then a chief sat down by me.  Now I feel safe.

He will help me sleep.    He will shield me from the thief.

Bob woke up.  "Blain, we are there!" he said.

"Where is there?" I asked. 

"We are back at the field," said Bob.

"The plane will glide to a stop," said Bob. 

SLAM! BAM! BLAM! went the plane.

We did not glide to a stop.  We slid to a stop!

"Blain! Blain! Wake up," said Bob.

"Did you have a bad dream?" asked Bob.

"What do you think?" asked Blain.

"You were there too!" said Blain.