Things About Health, Wealth and Stealth - 33a



Scab:  When I cut my skin, a scab helps it heal.

Skull:  When I hit my head, my skull helps save my brain.

Smell:  I use my nose to smell a rose.  Smell helps me know if things are good or bad.

Sniff:  Sniff is how I smell the rose.  I take a big sniff of the rose.  It smells good.

Teeth:  When I smile, you see my teeth. Good teeth makes a nice smile.

Scale:  I use a scale after I eat.  It tells me if I ate to much.

Smog:  Smog is smoke + fog.  It is not good for you!

Skip:  I skip and run a lot.  This is good exercise!

Scan:  They will scan my skull to see if I broke a bone.



Skill:  You need a good skill for a good job.  A thing you can do well.

Speak:  You need to speak well for a good job.




Stealth means that you can't see things very well.  Things that like to hide.

Snake:   The stealth snake hid in the grass.

What color is the snake?

A green snake is hard to see in the grass.