A Fun Swim - 34a


"Steve, can you come home with me?" asked Swane. 

"It is a very hot day!" said Swane.  "We can swim in my pool."

"Where is the pool?" asked Steve.  "I'd like to swim in your pool."

"It is by the fence.  The stone and steel fence," said Steve.

"I don't see the fence," said Steve.

"It is by the hedge.  The hedge is very dense.  You can't see the fence or pool," said Swane.

"Do you swim good?" Swane asked Steve.

"I swim good, but not real good," said Steve.

"I shouldn't go into the deep end," said Steve.

"I get real tense when I am in the deep end," said Steve.

"Me too," said Swane. 

"We want to swim and have fun," said Steve.  "We will not go into the deep end."

"Can we stand on the edge of the pool and jump?" asked Steve.

"We can jump and swim to the other side," said Swane. 

"Steve, stop!" said Swane.  "Do not step on the steep hill in the pool." 

"It will take you to the deep end," said Swane.

"OK, I'll swim back to the side," said Steve.

"It is late," said Steve.  I have to go home."

"This was a lot of fun!" said Swane.  "We swam all day!"