My Dad Shaves - 35a


"Dad, can I help you shave?" asked Shane.

"Yes, you can help me shave," said dad.

"First, we have to get out the can of shave cream," said dad.  "Then we have to shake the can."

"Next, we have to wet my face," said dad.

"Then you put the shave cream on your cheeks," I said.

"Yes, then I put the shave cream on my cheeks," said dad.

"We have to put shave cream on my chin, too," said dad.

"Next, we have to get out the blade," said dad.


"It makes me cringe to see you shave," said Shane.

"I don't want to cut my chin," said dad.

"You have to let the blade slide on the cheek and chin," said dad. 

"You don't want to go chop, chop, chop!" said dad.

"If I do cut my chin, you will see a tinge of red," said dad. "Just a little red!"

"Last, we have to wipe off the shave cream," said dad.

"I can see the shine on your chin," said Shane.

"That was fun," said dad.

"And you didn't cut your chin!" said Shane.