The Prince and the Whale - 36a


The whale was in the sea.

It was a big white whale.

The prince went to the sea.

He saw the big white whale.

"Since I don't have a pet, I want the whale to be my pet," said the prince on a whim.

"I don't think he can be a pet," said his mom.

"How will you feed the whale?" she asked.

"Let me think for a while," said the prince.

"I will bake the whale a cake," said the prince.

"It will be a white wheat cake," he said to his mom.

"I will whip it up now," the prince said.

"When the whale gets a whiff of this, he will eat the whole cake," he said.

"That will make the whale my pet," said the prince.

The prince went to the sea.

The big white whale got a whiff of the wheat cake.

The whale ate the cake.

"Now that whale is my pet," the prince said to his mom.