The Knight and the Prince - 37a


One night, the prince said, "I want to pet the white whale."

"If we left at day light, we can get to the sea," said the knight.

"You are right," said the prince.

The prince and knight slept all night.  At day light, they woke up.

"I want to make a gift for my pet whale," said the prince.

"We can make a raft," said the knight.  "Then you can get in the sea to pet the white whale."

The knight and prince got to the sea.  They crept on the beach to see the whale.

The knight made a draft of the raft in the sand. 


"This is what our raft will look like," said the knight.

"We have to tie the rope tight," said the knight.

"How do we get the raft in the sea?" asked the prince.

"We have to lift the raft," said the knight. "We have to creep to the sea."

The prince, knight and raft crept to the sea.  They put the raft in the sea.

Then came a big wave.  The raft was swept into the sea.

The raft was in the sea.  The prince and knight were on the beach.

" I can't pet the whale," wept the prince.

  "It made me sad too," said the knight.