To Cross the Stream - 39a


Sam and Jane sat by the stream. 

"Do you want to fish?" asked Jane.

"Yes, I want to fish," said Sam.

"But, we have to cross the stream," said Sam.

"Why? asked Jane.  "That is a big risk."

"We could fall into the stream," said Jane.

"Just trust me," said Sam.  "I will not let you fall into the stream."

"We have to jump onto the grass," said Sam.

"Don't jump on the rock!" said Sam.  "The rock has moss on it."

"The moss will make the rock slick," said Sam.

"Are you ready to jump?" Sam asked Jane.

"Yes," said Jane with a sigh.

"Get a good tight grasp on the tree before you jump," said Sam.

"Then, just jump high!" said Sam.

There was a gust of dust.

"I can't see," said Jane.

Jane jumped on the rock.  She fell into the stream.

"NO!" "NO!" said Sam with a gasp.

"I hit my thigh on the rock," said Jane.

"I think I broke my wrist, too!" she said.

"I will help you out," said Sam.

"Clasp or grab my hand," he said to Jane.

"We have to get home!" said Jane.