Name:   Wksht #4 Score:    
  clasp rust chess lass cost  
  roast boast frisk flask floss  
  brisk cost cask clasp wisp  
  roast disk stress pass cross  
  thrust rasp Swiss toss Swiss  
  whisk less press crisp bust  
  Swiss Swiss moss lisp whisk  
  mess coast gasp chess press  
  crust rasp disk whisk lass  
  clasp gloss moss rasp ask  
  loss thrust thrust dust gloss  
  risk roast task frisk hiss  
  brisk moss thrust ask brisk  
  crisp hasp plasm brisk press  
  kiss mass pass mask dust  
  coast Swiss wrist loss flask  
  must brisk crust pass toast  
  lost chess chess lass crisp  
  gust press trust must stress  
  loss mess ask plasm gasp  
  Copyright 2006 by Dick Briggs -  My Breakfast Reading Program
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Final Blends and Diagraphs - Short and Long Vowels 39