The Ice Rain - 40a


"Jill, look at that big boat," said the child.

"I see the big boat," said Jill.

"It is one hulk of a boat," she said.

"What?" asked the child.

"Hulk means big," said Jill.

"I see," said the child.  "Then that boat has a lot of bulk!"

"What?" asked Jill.

"Bulk means a lot or big, too," said the child.

"Let me mull on this," said Jill.

"What?" asked the child.

"I have to think on this," said Jill.

"A boat is big." "Bulk is big." "Hulk is big." said Jill.

"That means I see the hulky-bulky boat!" said Jill.

"That is wild," said the child.

"Did you feel rain on your face?" asked the child.

"No, I felt ice hit my face," said Jill. 

"This is an ice rain," said Jill.  "Look at the ice pelt the boat."

"Do you mean sleet?" asked the child.

"Yes," said Jill.

"Don't slip and fall," said Jill.

"Don't fall and hit your skull," she said.

"Help me," said the child.  "Grasp my hand so I will not fall."

"I can't grasp your hand," said Jill.

"But I can grab your belt," she said.

"Look at the bulk of ice on the hull of the boat," said the child.

"We need to go home," said Jill.

"Call me when you get home," Jill said to the child.

"I will call you when I get home," said the child.