Game Day at Camp - 41a


"This is game day at camp," said Stan. 

"What game do we get to play?" asked Jill.

"You will go on a hunt," said Stan.  "But, it is a race."

"You have to find three things," said Stan.

"What do we have to find?" asked Jack.

"There are nine things," said Stan.

"A crumb of toast."

"A red thumb!"  "A pump."

"A chimp."  "A big lamp."

"A stamp."  "A ramp."

"A clamp." "A lump of coal."

"The first one to find three things will be the champ," said Stan.

"One, two, three, GO!"

"I will stomp up the hill," said Jill.  "I will find the stamp."

"I will dump the trunk of junk," said Jack.  "I will find the lump of coal."

"I will use my mind," said Pat.  "The chimp will be in a tree."

"I saw Jim paint the mask red," said Sam.  "I bet he has a red thumb."

"I see a light on in the tent," said Jill.  "It has to be the lamp!"

Jack and Pat saw the ramp.  "I saw it first!" said Jack. 

"But, I see the pump on the ramp!" said Pat.

"Can we find the same thing?" Pat asked Stan. 

"Yes," said Stan.

"What do you still need to find," asked Stan.

"Who will be the champ?" asked Stan.