Fish for Lunch - 42a


Bob and Jane went to the ranch to see Grandma and Grandpa.

"What would you like for lunch?" asked Grandma.

"I would like to have fish for lunch," said Bob.

"Me too," said Jane.

"We don't have any fish," said Grandpa.

"You will have to get your pole and catch some fish," said Grandpa.

"You will need to catch a bunch for lunch," said Grandma.

"Here is your pole," Grandpa said to Jane. 

"Bob, this is yours," he said.

"We have to dash to the beach at the lake," said Jane.

"I will race you," said Bob.

"Let us see who can reach the beach first!" said Jane.

"What is the big rush?" asked Grandpa.

"Just take your time to get to the beach," said Grandpa.

"The sun is hot and bright," said Bob. "Can we sit in the shade to fish?"

"Yes," said Grandpa. "Don't let the sun get in your eyes!"

"Bob, your spot is by the ash tree," said Grandpa.

"Jane, your spot is by the peach tree," he said.

"You each have a shade tree," said Grandpa.

"Did you catch a big batch of fish for lunch?" asked Grandma.

"Yes we did!" said Bob and Jane.