Bert and Bart - 43a


Bert and Bart are twins. 

They went to the farm to see Grandma and Grandpa.

"Can we play in the barn?" Bart asked Grandpa.

"No," said Grandpa.  "You may get hurt!"

"Please!" Please let us play in the barn," said Bert.

"OK," said Grandpa.  "But do not get hurt!"

"What could harm us?" asked Bert.

"There is a pitch fork in the barn," said Grandpa. 

"We won't play with the pitch fork," said Bert.

"I don't want to get hurt," said Bart.

"You can go to the barn." said Grandpa.  "But do not play with the pitch fork!"

Bert and Bart ran off to the barn.

"So, what do you want to do?" asked Bart.

"The barn can be a fort," said Bert.

"No," said Bart.

"We can play hide and seek," said Bart.  "It is dark in the barn."

"It is so dark, I can't see you!" said Bert.

"Where are you?" asked Bert.

"Boo!" said Bart.

"Ho! Ho! Ho!", said Bert.  "That is a good joke."

"Look out for that bird," said Bart.

"Chirp, chirp," said the bird.

"Look out for the dog," said Bert.

"Bark, bark," said the dog.

"He bit my arm!", said Bart.

"Are you hurt?" asked Bert.

"No," said Bart.  "The dog didn't hurt my arm."

"Let us get out of here," said Bart.

"Yes, before we do get hurt," said Bert.