Mark at the Park - 44a


Mark and his mom sat on the porch swing.

"Mark, would you like to go to the park?" asked dad.

"Yes, we can fly my kite at the park," said Mark.

"It is a little cold," said mom.  "Please put on your coat," she said.

"I will put on my old coat," said Mark.  "I may get dirt on it!"

"You can't play in the dirt," mom told Mark.

"I will just fly my gold and red kite," said Mark.

"You can play on the slide, too!" said dad.

"Sir, can you see my kite?" Mark asked the man.

"Which kite?" asked the man.

"The gold and red kite," Mark told the man.

"It is high in the sky," said Mark.

"I see your kite," said the man. "It is very high in the sky!"

"Mark, do you want to play on the slide?" asked dad.

Mark ran to the slide.  He went part way up.


"What was that?" asked Mark.

"Turn around," said mom.

"I see it," said mom.  "Your coat is torn."

"I'm glad you put on the worn out coat," said mom.

"Me too!" said Mark.

"Let's go home," said Mark. "I'm cold!"