Name:   Wksht #4 Score:    
  morn mirth torn morn port  
  turn mirth worn torn mar  
  park purl mar term sort  
  part mark mark par turn  
  part morn par torch par  
  turn norm morn mart mark  
  norm torn torn mirth park  
  port torch tar sir tarp  
  tart mart sir tar part  
  park mart tar tar purl  
  part par sir park worn  
  term tart sort pork sort  
  mark torch torn torn part  
  norm morn par turn mart  
  mart mart purl sir park  
  mar mirth port tarp pork  
  worn mar tarp purl worn  
  porch port mark morn sort  
  port turn tart pork turn  
  mar torch turn turn worn  
  Copyright 2006 by Dick Briggs -  My Breakfast Reading Program
Permission to Print and Copy for Home or Classroom
R Controlled - Single Consonants and Blends 44