A Stroll Up the Knoll - 45a


"Pam, do you see the little hill?" asked Jim.

"Yes, I see the little hill," said Pam.

"But you can call it a knoll," she said.

"A knoll?" asked Jim.

"Yes, a knoll is a little hill," said Pam.

"Can we go up the knoll?" asked Jim.

"Yes, we can stroll up the knoll," said Pam.

So, Pam and Jim strolled up the knoll.

"This is neat," said Jim.  "We can see very far."

"We can see the sea," said Pam.

"I see a shark in the sea!" Jim told Pam.

"I see the shark, too!" Pam said.

"Look at the shark churn up the sea," said Pam.

"I see him churn up the sea," said Jim.  "Look at the big wave!"

"I bet his teeth are sharp," said Pam.

"I know they are sharp," said Jim.

"Look at the scar on my arm!" he said.

"Did that hurt?" asked Pam.

"Yes, it hurt!" said Jim.

"It bled, too!" he said. "I had to tie a cord around my arm," he said.

"I'm glad we did not swim in the sea," said Pam.

"We need to go home," said Jim.

"We can roll down the knoll," said Pam.