Star, the Bold Colt - 46a


One night, there was a big rain storm.

Clark and Kim were in the barn.

"The colt does not like the rain storm," said Clark.

"Her name is Star," said Kim.  "Star doesn't like the storm."

"Did you see that bolt of light?" asked Clark. 

"Star is a bold colt," said Kim.  "He didn't bolt or run," she said.

"We must shut the gate," said Clark.  "We must bolt the gate shut."

"That is a smart thing to do," said Kim.

"Then Star will not get out of the barn," she said.

"When did it start to rain," asked Clark.

"This is the third day of rain," said Kim.

"This is a big storm," said Clark. 

"Star must eat," said Kim.  "Is the hay dry?" she asked.

"The top of the hay is wet," said Clark.  "I will get the pitch fork." 

"I will stir the hay around," Clark said.  "I will find the dry hay."

"Look!" said Kim.  "I see the spur I lost."  "It was in the hay."

"Did the rain stop?" asked Kim.

"Yes," said Clark.  "We need to go," said Clark.  "It will start again very soon."

"We need to take the bolt off of the gate," said Kim.  "Then we can get out."