Sue and Drew at the Zoo - 47a


Sue and Drew went to the pet zoo.

"This is so cool," said Drew.

"We get to go to the zoo and not to school," he said.

"That is true," said Sue. 

"We can chew gum," said Drew.

"I don't like to chew gum," said Sue.

"I knew that," said Drew.  "But I will chew my bubble gum."

"Look, I blew a big bubble!" said Drew.

"I hope the zoo has a few new pets," said Sue.

"Me too!" said Drew.

"Moo moo," said the cow.

"I knew the zoo had a black cow," said Sue.

"But, that brown cow is new," said Drew.

"Coo coo," said the bird.

"Isn't that blue bird new?" asked Sue.

"That is true," said Drew.  "The blue bird is new at the zoo."

"He is so cute," said Sue.  "Look, he flew into the tree," she said.

"What time is it?" asked Drew.

"It is about noon," said Sue.

"They will let us feed the pets," said Drew.

"We can give them some food for lunch," said Sue.

"That will be cool," said Drew.

"I need to eat, too!" said Sue.  "I need some food!" she said.

"What do you want the most?" asked Drew.

"Ice cream," said Sue.  "I want two scoops of ice cream."

"Do you need a spoon?" asked Drew.

"No, I want an ice cream cone with two scoops!" said Sue.

"But it is hot!" said Drew.  "It will drip on your boots," he said.

"OK," said Sue.  "Two scoops in a cup."  "And a spoon."

"I can't wait to get back to school," said Sue.

"We can tell them about our trip to the zoo," said Drew.

"What did you like the most?" asked Drew.

"The cute blue bird," said Sue.