The Pets I Own - 48a


"Bill, can you come to my house?" asked Sam.  "I own a new pet."

"I don't know how to get to your house," said Bill.  "It is hard to find."

"We have to go south for three blocks," said Sam.  "Then we have to go east for two blocks."

"Then you will see my house," said Sam.

"I should have known," said Bill.  "You have shown me three times."

"What is the new pet you own?" asked Bill.

"I own a brown cow," said Sam.

"Wow!" "A brown cow!" said Bill.

"We keep the cow in the barn," said Sam.

"Is the cat and dog in the barn too?" asked Bill. 

"The dog won't hurt you," said Sam. 

"He just likes to growl and howl," said Sam.  "He will not bite you!"

"Look what the cat found," said Bill.  "He found a brown mouse."

"He has the mouse in his mouth!" said Bill.

"He won't hurt the mouse," said Sam.  "He likes to play with the mouse."

"He will put the mouse down soon," said Sam.

"Moo, Moo"

"What is that sound?" asked Bill.

"That is my new pet that I own," said Sam.

"That is a big brown cow," said Bill.

"He has grown a lot!"  "He likes to chow down!" said Sam.

"What?" asked Bill.

"He likes to eat a lot," said Sam.

"Look at that cloud," said Bill.  "It is going to rain hard!"

"I have to get back to my house," said Bill.  "This has been fun!"