Paul Caught a Fish - 49a


"Paul, would you like to go fish with me and my Grandpa?" asked Joan.

"Yes!" said Paul.  "I like fish."

"We have to haul the boat to the lake," said Joan.

"You can help us launch the boat," said Joan.

"We have to back up the boat into the lake," said Joan's Grandpa.

"We have to go slow," he said.  "We have to nudge it into the lake." 

"We can't go fast," said Joan.  "The boat would sink!"

"Do we have any bait?" asked Grandpa.

"I bought some worms," said Paul. 

"Who taught you how to fish?" asked Joan.

"My dad taught me," said Paul. 

"The sun is hot and bright," said Grandpa.

"Paul and you should put on your straw hats," he said.

"This looks like a good place to fish," said Joan.

"I have my pole," said Paul. 

Paul threw his fish line into the lake. 

Joan threw her fish line into the lake too.

"I think I caught a fish," said Paul.

"It must be a big fish," said Joan.  "Look at him fight," she said.

"Don't fall out of the boat," Grandpa said to Paul.

"I think I caught a fish too," said Joan. "It is a small fish," she said.

"Why do you think it is a small fish?" asked Grandpa.

"Paul's fish fought a lot more than my fish," said Joan.

"I will judge who won," said Grandpa.

"Joan, your fish is big.  Paul's fish fought hard," said Grandpa.  "You both won!"

"What do we have to eat?" asked Joan.

"I brought some fudge," said Paul.

"I like fudge," said Joan. "I hope that it didn't melt."

"You have a smudge of fudge on your cheek," said Paul.  "The fudge did melt."

"This was a fun day," said Paul