I Am a Good Cook - 50a


"Could I get this toy car?" asked the boy.

"Who should pay for it?" asked the boy's mom.

"I will," said the boy.  "I have one coin," he said.  "I have one dime."

"That would not pay for the toy car," said the mom.

"Would you lend me some coins?" asked the boy.

"You have been good," said mom.  "I will give you some coins."

"We have to find a place to eat," said the mom.

"It is cold out," she said.  "Put up your hood." 

"It will keep your head warm," she said.

"Can we go home?" asked the boy.

"I can help you cook hot dogs," he said.

"That will be fun," said mom.  "You can join me to cook lunch," she said.

"Should we broil the hot dogs?"  asked the boy.

"No, we will boil the hot dogs this time," said the mom.

"How can I help?" asked the boy.

"First, you can pull the foil off the hot dogs," said the mom.

"Then you have to put them into a pan of water," said the mom.

"Do we need any oil?" asked the boy.

"No oil, just water," said the mom.

"Next, we turn on the coil," she said.  "That will make the stove hot."

"That should make the water boil," said the boy.

After the boy and mom ate the hot dogs, the mom cut the cake.

"This cake is so good," said the boy.  "It is so moist."

"I am so full," said the boy.  "Could I play with my toy car now?" he asked.

"Yes, you may play with your toy car," said the mom.  "You were a good cook!"

"And we didn't need a cookbook," said the boy.

"I am a good cook," he said.  "I can cook without a cookbook!"